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The base of mercenary operations


One hundred years have passed since the fall of the Uldein Empire.
The Guild was established for those who had no place to call home, and embraced the mercenary way of life.
In the land of Resonail, where the fires of war are never quenched, mercenaries are a daily necessity.
For this reason, the Guild's autonomy is recognized by the Four Great Nations, and its territory is considered a neutral zone. The master swordsman Godfrey is the current guild leader. He dispatches mercenaries to battlefields across the land.


"Capturing you has gotta be worth some prestige."

A mercenary who serves as the right-hand man of the
player, and works with Lillia to provide assistance.
Flint is very confident in his skills and risks
his life on the battlefield in hopes of one day
becoming famous. Ever the pragmatist,
his judgment tends to be swayed by lost profits
rather than lost lives. However, he's not
completely unscrupulous and is willing to help
others as long as it's not an inconvenience.


"Risking your life for a hot meal and a warm bed,
that's the life of a mercenary."

A young woman who provides assistance to the player. Though quite meticulous, Lillia is careful to only provide support and leave the decision-making to the player. She prefers to tackle low-risk missions so as not to place the squad in unnecessary danger.
An altruist at heart, she has a hard time resisting the urge to help those in need.


"A mercenary's occupation is dependent on their skill."

A legendary warrior who has seen countless battles, and the current
leader of the Guild. Venerated by many for his combat ability, his skill
with a sword has not deteriorated with age. Godfrey's gentle
temperament makes him a calm, rational decision-maker.


"Now fight! Let's decide once and for all who's stronger!"

The captain of the White Wolves, the Guild's top mercenary squad. Weiss believes in the value of strength above all else, and is always challenging other mercenaries to fights.
For this reason, he has a bad habit of becoming so obsessed with battles that he neglects his other responsibilities.

A nation of pureblood knights


The largest nation in Resonail, situated in the western region of the continent and protected by proud knights. With a calm climate and a river that runs through it, the nation is blessed with natural resources.


"Knights, draw your swords!
We shall bring Landerth's justice to Resonail!"

The queen of Landerth.
She is never sterner than when she is
upholding order, nor kinder than when
protecting her subjects. She is known as
the "War Queen" for the way she bravely
joins the front line to bolster her forces.


"I'm not a child! I can fight on my own! I'll show you!"

The younger brother of Queen Gladius Ringland, and heir to the throne. An earnest yet stubborn young man, Prince Regulus struggles to rationalize his lofty ideals with the harshness of reality. He wears a ring that was bequeathed to him by his late father, whom he deeply respected. Though his sister is a great queen, Regulus cannot help but feel the weight of the crown he will one day wear, and is desperate to become a man worthy of the title of "king."


"You've learned to conduct yourself well on the battlefield.
You remind me of your father in our younger days."

A veteran knight who is always seen escorting Prince Regulus.
Faithful and disciplined, Aldeberg is the epitome of knighthood
and greatly trusted by the queen. He courageously rushes
into battle to face any and all threats against Landerth,
yet also displays humility and respect toward worthy
adversaries. He protects the prince as though he were
his own son, and beams with pride at the thought of him
becoming king one day.

A nation of proud warriors


A nation with a warm climate, situated in the southeast region of the continent between enormous mountains and the endless sea. The people of Valkyr embrace a warrior culture, where battle is the only way of life.


"Fight with all you got,
and die on the battlefield.
That's what makes a Valkyrian warrior."

The king of Valkyr who leads the savage, tenacious warrior clans. Graham is said to be the strongest warrior in their nation's history, and is rumored to have slayed a dragon with a single swipe of his sword.


"What an excellent battlefield.
I can feel my warrior's blood startin' to simmer..."

A mighty warrior who is admired and respected by all Valkyrians. Silva is a veteran of numerous battles and regarded as a living legend. Though he is quite old, he has the vigorous energy of a young man when he's fighting on the battlefield. Indeed,
there is nothing he enjoys more than fighting
a strong opponent with all his might. He has
much love for his comrades-in-arms,
but has been known to show a stone-faced
seriousness every now and then.


"Kiara's gonna be a great warrior just like you, Mighty One!"

A young girl who dreams of becoming a great warrior, and is learning how to fight from Silva himself. She has an innocent personality and, like all Valkyrians, values strength above all else.
Kiara is responsible for relaying the king's messages and quest details to the player. But because she has picked up Silva's blunt mannerisms, her explanations tend to be pretty bad.

A nation ruled by a benevolent witch.


A small nation in the southwest region of Resonail,
tucked in the depths of a thick forest as if shying
away from prying eyes. Those who have lost their
homes due to the horrors of war are said to find
their way here.


"The citizens of Fiel are my children. I will consult the stars and guide them."

Fiel's remarkably youthful forest queen prides
herself as a mother to all her subjects.
Despite her young appearance, she delivers
sage advice with piercing accuracy.


"We don't need to train. It's a waste of time."

The commander of Fiel's army, Lancard is the one who keeps all the soldiers tied together. However, he has a tendency to slack off, and is scolded by his sister for it every time. Because he is so dependent on the queen's help, he and his soldiers often neglect training.


"Lancard, you have no idea what Queen Precia endures!"

A devoted servant of Queen Precia, and Lancard's younger sister. She is always worrying about Queen Precia's health and the future of Fiel. Because of her earnest nature and tendency to be stubborn, Leche often has to deal with the fallout of her older brother's irresponsibility.

A nation of magic, ruled by a wise young leader.


A nation in the north, whose capital city is located in the center of a barren wasteland where even beasts do not tread. Though scarce on natural resources, Magion possesses the majority of the magical technology seen throughout the realm.


"The outcome of battle is decided before the first strike. That's the art of war, isn't it?"

The magical king of Magion, said to wield both great arcane power and fearsome intellect.
Due to his force of personality, Julius receives enthusiastic support from his subjects.


"...My position is no concern of yours.
Now claim your reward and see yourselves out."

A researcher who leads a team of subordinates called the Nephilim Troop. Medea harbors a strong distaste toward her brother, King Julius, and rumors of their turbulent relationship are whispered even among Magion's citizens.


"As for your team of mundane dullards,
we can't bestow recognition on the likes of them."

An influential figure in Magion who is obsessed with King Julius's arcane power. Bronymos inspires great trust from his soldiers due to his keen insight and arcane abilities.
On occasion, he even takes command of the battlefield.

Those who claim descent from the fallen empire.


The people of Uld claim to be descended from the once-mighty Uldein Empire, which ruled the entire continent of Resonail long ago.
In present day, they have a reputation for being nothing more than a band of thieves that conduct illegal digging operations in various ruins. Led by the enigmatic Teterva, they wish to restore the empire to its former glory and work in secret to achieve this desire.


"The time has come to bring Uld's desire to fruition!"

The leader of the people of Uld. She works in secret to restore the Uldein Empire by any means necessary. There are no depths Teterva won't sink to in order to achieve her desires. To her, the people of Uld, and even her own granddaughter, are just a means to an end.


"A weakling like me can't possibly fight…"

A young girl who has been manipulated by Teterva from
the time she was born. Because of that, she has no will
of her own and believes herself to be powerless.
Unlike Teterva, Corona has a kind heart that
aches at the thought of Uld's desires.