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New to the Trails of Cold Steel series? Fear not! Included here is a complete summary of the events of Trails of Cold Steel I and Trails of Cold Steel II.

The year is 1204 of the Septian calendar. A young man named Rean Schwarzer heads to his first day at Thors Military Academy—the most prestigious academy in the Erebonian Empire. Together with his new classmates in Class VII, he'll forge unbreakable bonds, face overwhelming odds, and find his place in the world.

Trails of Cold Steel I Trails of Cold Steel II


Title The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III
Release Steam® & GOG: 03.23.2020
Nintendo Switch™:
06.30.2020 (US + EU) | 07.07.2020 (ANZ)
10.22.2019 (US) | 10.22.2019 (EU) | 10.29.2019 (ANZ)
Platform Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, PC
Genre RPG
Player(s) 1
Audio Japanese/English
Text English/French