Explore the different types of cards in Culdcept Revolt and how they are used.

Creature Cards

The most important cards in your book! - Summon a creature to claim open territory or invade your opponent's territory. Creatures can be one of five elements: Neutral, Fire, Water, Earth, or Air. Each creature has different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • Creature Card Abilities - Go to the next slide to learn more about abilities!
  • Anti-Spell - Cannot be targeted by single-target spells. Is still affected by multi-target spells.
  • Boost - Raises the ST and/or HP of all creatures on the map that meet certain conditions.
  • Critical Hit - Deals 1.5 times normal damage to opponent.
  • Instant Death - In battle, destroys the opponent regardless of their remaining HP.
  • Neutralize - Does not receive damage from opponent during battle.
  • Penetrates - Ignores enemy HP gained from Land Effect.
  • Regenerates - HP recovers fully after every battle.
  • Secret Art - Creature abilities that count as spells and are used during the Spell Phase.
  • Support - Allows a creature to use other creatures from their player's hand as though they were items.
  • Synergy - Creatures with the Synergy ability will gain increase ST and/or HP during battle if another creature with a certain element has been placed on the map.
  • Synthesis - When playing a card with the Synthesis ability, if you discard another card with it, the Synthesis card will become more powerful.
  • Vigorous - Creatures with Vigorous ability will not be Fatigued, even after using Territory Commands or Secret Arts.
  • ...and many more!

Spell Cards

Key cards to claim victory! Play these cards to turn the tide in your favor as you give yourself an advantage or disrupt your opponents' plans. Using them wisely can even lead to a comeback victory.

Instant Spells - When Instant Spells are cast, they will provide a powerful one-time effect and then be discarded. Enchantment Spells - Enchantment Spells give persistent effects such as stat boosts or status effects to Cepters or creatures. Global Enchantments - Global Enchantments are similar to normal Enchantments, but affect the entire map and alter the rules of the game.

Item Cards

Cards to bring your creatures to victory! These cards can be played in battle to strengthen your creature. Not only do Item Cards increase your creatures' ST and HP, but they also can grant any number of unique effects. With the right item, a weak creature can even take down a much stronger opponent.

Examples of Weapon card, Armor card, Tool card, and Scroll card

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