Game Flow

Game Progresses by Event --> Base --> Battle!

The story revolves around Valvatorez and the other characters in their revolt against the corrupternment.

Be sure to prepare in your base world, Hades, before fighting!
There are many facilities in Hades, where you can buy weapons and equipment, or even strengthen your characters.

Once you're ready to fight, it's off to the battlefields!




Battle - Basic Systems

The Basics of Battle... Team Attacks!

Battles take place on gridded maps, SRPG style.

You will move your characters and perform actions in order to defeat enemies. When attacking enemies, if you have ally units around you, you may be able to perform powerful team attacks!

Use team attacks to your advantage to defeat enemies!

A Unique System, Lift & Throw!

Those familiar with the Disgaea series should also be familiar with the Lift & Throw system.

As the name implies, you can lift your allies or enemies, then throw them around the battlefield. You can throw them to safety, or throw them into peril. The Lift & Throw system is also capable of the unexpected, and by using this to your advantage, it can add a completely new dimension to battle!

Over 400 Different Skills!

Characters have an array of different skills, which turn the heat up in battle!

Not only are there character specific skills, weapon skills, and spells, but they all have their own unique animations! And that's not even mentioning how powerful they are.

Try out the different skills and find your favorite!

Geo Effects Completely Alter the Battlefield!

Some battle maps have colorful blocks and panels.

Together, they create Geo Effects, which affect every unit on the map. Play around with them to figure out how to use them to your advantage!

Battle - Applied Systems

The Ultimate Weapon is Right Next to You! That's Right, Magichange!

Use Magichange, unique to monster units, to turn your monsters into weapons!

By using Magichange, you can pass on the monsters' abilities and use a unique, super-powerful skill!

Spice up your battles by turning your monsters into powerful weapons!

Demon Fusion!? Become Bigger!?

You can fuse monsters to make them larger and power them up.

When fused, attacks and skills will be stronger and bigger! Destroy all enemies in front of you!

Weapons Evolve Even More!

If you Magichange with a fused monster, you'll be able to wield a giant weapon!

Not only is it bigger, but it's also better! So start swinging it around!

By Magichanging two fused monsters, you can dual-wield giant weapons!

Powerful Character Skills

They can be useful, they can be fun...
There are many kinds of character skills!

The main characters' unique skills are
super powerful!

Defeat all who stand before you,
and run the Netherworld!

Battle - New System

New Peta-level Spells!

In previous games, the strongest spells were Tera-level spells...

Peta-level spells are better and feature more dynamic illustrations!

Check out the next evolution of spells!

Job-Specific Skills!

Job-specific skills are unique to their job classes and feature fitting animations and effects.

They can come in many shapes and forms, so check them all out!

Rearing System

Make Your Own Unique Units with the Character Creation System!

Warriors, clerics, wizards, monsters... These are just a few of the different units you can create through the character creation system!

Depending on how you create them, and how you train them, you may be able to create the ultimate unit!

Use the Cam-pain HQ to Run Your Cam-pain More Efficiently!

There is a Cam-pain HQ in your base.

From there, you can power up units, and place evil symbols all over Hades!

Make sure you place them wisely in order to run your Cam-pain better.

Evil Symbols affect the units placed
on them during battle!

It's Back Again! The Assembly System!

By passing bills in the assembly, you can do things like improve the shops, create new job classes, and much, much more.

Use the assembly to your full advantage!

You can bribe or fight Senators to get your bill passed.

The System with Unlimited Possibilities, the Item World!

Weapons, equipment, and items all have their own Item World!

Go deep into the worlds within your items to greatly boost them!

If you want to make your items stronger, travel to the Item World!

Create the Ultimate Character with the Chara World!

Just like your items, there is a world inside each of your characters.

By entering the Chara World, you can enhance your characters in ways that aren't possible via normal leveling!

Additional Systems

Additional System 1: Cheat Shop

By changing the numbers around to your liking, you can get more EXP or money.

You can also spice up your battles by changing parameters, like making enemies stronger!

Additional System 2: Innocent Warehouse

Innocents are a mainstay when it comes to strengthening items. And thanks to the Innocent Warehouse, you can now organize them better!

Additional System 3: Weapon Appearance

Just like it sounds, you can change the appearance of your weapons!

Additional System 4: Pay Up

You can pay the Senators in the assembly to change their votes!

Additional System 5: Event Viewer

With the Event Viewer, you have the power to watch every event scene!

You can do things like marathon the episode previews!

There are plenty of other new systems, so try them all out!