New Systems for Disgaea 6

Super Reincarnation & Karma

Introducing the Super Reincarnation system!
Zed uses Super Reincarnation, a spell that supersedes even death, to reincarnate into another Netherworld when he's defeated by the God of Destruction.

  • Although you return to Level 1 when you Super Reincarnate, you are able to carry over your strength. Through Super Reincarnation, you can become extraordinarily strong, even at Level 1!

  • Super Reincarnation gives you Karma. You can use the Karma you have collected to improve your stats and skills, including stats that don't usually increase, such as your counter attacks and movement!

This Disgea has Disgaeaed Itself!

In Disgaea 6, you can reach Level 99,999,999, and deal over 10,000,000,000,000,000 damage!
Stand up to the strongest God of Destruction with the all-new Auto-Repeat system!

What are Auto-Battle and Demonic Intelligence?

Auto-Battle is a new function that lets your characters battle for you!
On top of that, there's Demonic Intelligence, a.k.a. D.I., which allows you to specify what skills to use against which enemies.
Auto-Battle and D.I. are not only convenient, they also allow for a lot more replayability!

High-Speed Modes and Auto-Repeat

Disgaea 6 has High-Speed Modes, which speed up gameplay, and Auto-Repeat, which automatically repeats the same stage over and over!
Being able to repeatedly play each stage faster allows you to grind even more!
Keep fighting till you reach Level 99,999,999!

What is the Juice Bar?

A new system that allows you to share EXP with allies who weren't in battle!
You can also share Mana, which is needed for various functions at the base, as well as Extracts, which are used to increase stats.

Use D-Merits to Strengthen Your Characters!

A new function, D-Merits, has been added to the character status menu!
This function gives you benchmarks to efficiently improve your characters!
It's a perfect guide to help beginners create better characters!
On top of that, you receive rewards, like karma, for reaching these benchmarks!

Oversized Units! Bigger is Stronger!

Some generic monster classes are larger than normal and take up 5 panels!
They have higher stats than other characters, and can use their massive size to block enemies from passing by them.
In addition, their normal attacks have farther reach, and they can overpower weaker foes without using skills.

  • They can attack 3 panels in front of them.
    The more they are attacked, the higher their attack gets, making them great for the front lines.

  • They can attack 3 panels in front of them.
    Utilize their high defense and size to block enemy movement and lead a counter-attack.

  • They can attack 3 panels in front of them. They have long reach, as well as the most movement among the large units.