The Legendary System has been Refined!

Shortcuts Make it Even Easier to Play!

There are many convenient functions at the base!
This title has a shortcut function that makes moving around even easier!

Dark Assembly and Item World

The legendary systems, the Dark Assembly and Item World,
which make grinding feasible, return!

Dark Assembly

The Dark Assembly is a senate for demons, by demons, where the player can propose many things. And, like any good demon, if their bill is denied, the player can force the senators to change their minds.

Item World

The Item World is a special world that dwells within each item.
By clearing the floors in these worlds, you can increase the level of the item, as well as boost their functions and effects.

What are Specials and Evilities?


Specials are skills you can use during battle that cost SP.
Examples of these skills are special attacks and healing spells.
There are two types of Specials, ones that are specific to a character, and spells that anyone can learn.


Evilities are abilities that are constantly in effect as long as the requirements are met.

There are "Unique Evilities", which are unique to each character, and "General Evilities", that can be unlocked.
You can activate multiple General Evilities until you reach the max cost, so add, change, and add some more to help you in combat!

Use the Skill Shop

You can learn and strengthen Specials and Evilities at the Skill Shop on the base.
Some Evilities can only be learned by specific characters, but if you make a "Secret Scroll" at the Skill Shop, any character can learn that Evility.

And now...
Some Specials and Evilities of our main characters!

Zed. Unique Evility: Super Reincarnator- Icrease damage dealt by 1% per Super Reincarnation. (Max 200%) Special: Thunder Rush- Create lightning to send foes flying. (Knockback effect)
Majolene Magical Girl- Increase attack power against single targets by 50% when equippped with a staff. Magnificent Splendor- Magical Girl Magnificent Majolene is on the scene twirl. All stats boosted for 3 turns
Millionaire Monarch- Increase stats by 5% per hit of HL owened. King Cannon- Blast enemies with gold ingots. Has a long range.
Melodia Heroine's Temper- Increase damage dealt by male ally units on the map by 20%. Frozen Steps- A water element skill that attacks enemies while singing and dancing. Attacks multiple panels in front of her.
Piyori Ninjino Heroic Virtue: For every 1% of HP lost, increase damage dealt by 2%. Prism Dynamite: All five memberse of the Prism Rangers join together to blow up the enemy. Attacks multiple panels in front of her.

												Unique Evility
												Overlord's Dignity
												Increase all stats by 10% for every enemy defeated.

												Blazing Knuckle
												Lay the smackdown with a hellfire-infused fist.
												A high-damage fire element skill
												capable of hitting all 4 adjacent panels at once.

												Unique Evility
												Increase damage dealt to targets with full HP by 50%.

												Prinny Raid
												Etna's demonically cruel skill drops tons of Prinnies on the enemy.
												The sight of them as they face the camera invokes sorrow in everyone who sees it.
												The resulting explosion can hit up to 4 enemies.

												Unique Evility
												Love Field
												Decrease damage taken by all ally units on the map by 20%.

												Power of Love 2
												Flonne's healing skill affects the area near her.
												It's a rather powerful skill that recovers HP and cures ailments with the power of love.

Strengthen Items in the Item World!

Items, like weapons and consumables, have worlds inside them!
These worlds are divided up into countless floors.
Proceeding through a floor causes the item to level up.
Even if items have the same name, a higher level version is stronger,
so be sure to traverse the Item Worlds and strengthen your items!

  • Item World floors are full of enemies that will attack Zed and his friends. Defeat them all or step on the Skip Gate to advance to the next floor.

  • The further you progress through the Item World, the stronger the enemies will get. You will also face bosses after a set number of floors. Defeating these bosses will make the item's Rarity increase, making it even stronger.

Randomly Generated Dungeons and Mystery Rooms!

The Item World features randomly generated dungeons, meaning its layout changes every time you enter.
Not only do the enemies and map layout change, but you may sometimes even encounter various Mystery Rooms that have events all their own.

  • This Mystery Room has an Item Worlder.
    You can purchase various valuable items, such as Mr. Gency Exits, that will allow you to leave the Item World at any time.

  • This Mystery Room has a variety of merchants. You can restock on items that are useful when tackling the Item World, and some even have items used for “Bribes” in the Dark Assembly.

Innocents and Lucky Boards are Neutral Forces!

You may also encounter neutral forces, like Innocents and Lucky Boards, inside the Item World. While they won't actively seek to fight you, you will earn various benefits for defeating them, so you should give it a try!

  • Innocents are residents of the Item World that grant various effects to the item.
    They often reside in items obtained from chests or battle rewards, and when you subdue them by defeating them in the Item World, it will boost their effect on the item.

  • Lucky Boards are neither friend nor foe. Defeating them will earn you whatever effect is displayed on their boards.

Item World Research Squad!

Though the Item World has many enjoyable features, you may find that you have too many items you want to enhance that you can't keep up with them all...
But, have no fear! This time around, we're introducing the Item World Research Squad, where you can deploy allies to tackle the Item World for you!

  • You can deploy 3 allies to the Item World at once. Deploying stronger characters increases their chance for success. In addition, you can increase your number of deployable allies up to 9 by using the Squad Shop. They'll progress 1 floor per battle you do, so try deploying them when grinding levels or using the Auto-Repeat feature.

  • There are 4 options to choose from for what you want your allies to focus on during their deployment. Be sure to pick the one that best suits your goals.

Team Attacks and Special Team Attacks!

When attacking, if there are allies within 2 panels of you, there's a chance to trigger a Team Attack, which will increase your attack power!
This time around, up to 10 units can participate in a single Team Attack!
They've been greatly powered up, to the point where it's now possible to trigger a Team Attack when using a Special. Inflate your damage with Team Attacks, and aim to take down the God of Destruction!

  • One cool characteristic of Team Attacks is that you can see awesome cut-in illustrations by Takehito Harada when they occur.

  • In addition, changing a character's color also affects their color during these cut-ins.

The Postlude! A Series Tradition!

After enjoying the main story, the main cast of the original Disgaea, Laharl, Etna, and Flonne, appear in the Postlude! They'll be competing against Zed and Co. to decide who truly is the strongest.