Disgaea D2


After the death of the extremely charismatic previous Overlord— The Netherworld is plunged into a time of war, where demons fight to become the next Overlord. After a long series of battles, one young demon rises to the top. His name is Laharl, the only son of the previous Overlord. With the help of the Netherworld's most selfish demon, an oddball angel, and even a couple of humans with a super robot, Laharl cements his claim over the title of Overlord.

Several years later, the next adventure of the uber self-centered Overlord, Laharl, and his allies is about to begin.

Eerie changes are rampantly spreading throughout Laharl's Netherworld! An unexpected entry by someone who only does unexpected things! The leader of a rebellion! A Netherworld-changing super idol!?

Wherever you go, trouble and drama await! A journey of surprise and excitement, laughter and tears... Begins now!