Disgaea D2

Overlord Castle

Laharl and company use the Overlord's Castle as their base, and travel all over the Netherworld in order to spread the word that Laharl is the Overlord. There are shops that sell items that are useful in battle, hospitals that heal the wounds received in battle, and other useful facilities in the Overlord's Castle. There is also the Dark Assembly, where demons gather to debate topics that concern the Netherworld. Use the Overlord's Castle to its full potential and engage in battles.

Enjoy the Overlord's Castle to the Fullest!

It's been a few years since Laharl became the Overlord. During that time, the Overlord's Castle has gone through a few changes! There are many useful facilities, and depending on the player, they may notice a few new things, such as Flonne's garden! There is so much to check out! Search all over the castle, and look for new discoveries and encounters!

In the base, you can change the character you are controlling. Depending on who you're using, the conversations will change!?