Disgaea D2

The Netherworld, Overlord and the Overlord's Castle

The Netherworld, where Laharl lives, is all about survival of the fittest. Here, doing bad things is actually honorable. Therefore, in the Netherworld, crime is considered to be a good thing. Since this is the world that they live in, backstabbing is a daily occurrence! Don't trust anyone. Not even your friends. As soon as anyone thinks you're useless, you might just get stabbed... In order to survive in a world like this, you'll have to be more cunning and evil than anyone else! The one who can use their charisma to rule over these brutal and evil demons is the Overlord. The Overlord is the one who everyone both fears and respects. The Overlord lives in the Overlord's Castle, and is always on the lookout for anyone who is trying to take over the Netherworld.

That's a compliment to a demon.

Cookies or Overlord!? Is this how they do things in the Netherworld or just pure stupidity!?