SEN NO KISEKI The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II


This summary contains spoilers for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

Act 1 - Ashen Chronicles

In order to locate his missing friends, Rean first headed to the market town of Celdic.

It was there he found Machias, Elliot, and Fie, who had gone into hiding in a windmill outside the town.

From there, they decided they would try to find a way to the Garrelia proving ground, where the 4th Armored Division was stationed.

Slipping past the tight surveillance at a Noble Alliance checkpoint, they followed the railroad tracks and reached the ruins of Garrelia Fortress.

The proving ground was just ahead...but before them stood one final challenge--Trap Master Xeno and Leonidas the Behemoth. Both were regimental commanders of Zephyr, the jaeger corps Fie grew up in.

The group put everything they had into fighting the two combat specialists.

Just as their battle was about to heat up, they were interrupted by a squad of Panzer Soldats. The Noble Alliance was planning an attack on the proving ground.

Rean summoned Valimar and was able to hold his ground against them, but their greater numbers gave them the advantage.

Just when things seemed the most dire, a hearty roar reverberated through the battle, turning the situation on its head.

The roar had come from Elliot's father, Lieutenant General Craig. He had arrived leading a squad of tanks from the 4th Armored Division.

With help from the Railway Military Police, led by Captain Claire, the Noble Alliance troops were routed.

Afterwards, Lieutenant General Craig gave them crucial information and suggested the students stay with him and the Imperial Army.

However, Rean's priority was to find his friends. As such, they departed the proving ground for their next destination.

The Nord Highlands. A vast plain home to a nomadic people.

Arriving at Zender Gate, they spoke with Lieutenant General Zechs. He told them the Noble Alliance had occupied the watchtower, meaning all communication in the area had been cut off.

In order to find the members of Class VII who were there protecting the people of Nord, Rean and the others borrowed some horses and made their way to the settlement.

It was there that they were finally reunited with Gaius, Alisa, and Millium.

In order to protect the people of Nord, Rean decided to help Gaius and the others take back the watchtower.

With a well-coordinated plan, they were able to storm the watchtower and reach the jamming device on its roof.

However, one of Ouroboros' Enforcers--Bleublanc --and Altina, the girl who had kidnapped Elise and Alfin, were waiting there for them.

The tide seemed to be in Class VII's favor, yet said tide turned when Bleublanc employed his Shadow Weaving technique to immobilize them.

This left Rean with no choice but to rely on the strange power within him. Yet just as he steeled himself to do so, a series of glimmering strands struck the ground.

Class VII was suddenly freed from the Shadow Weaving, thanks to Sharon Kreuger, another Enforcer of Ouroboros and current maid of the Reinford family.

With her on Class VII's side, the group was able to prevail.

After defeating their foes and destroying the jamming device, Class VII's adventure in Nord had concluded.

They set their sights next on the lakeside town of Legram, often blanketed in a veil of mist.

Asking around, they discovered supernatural occurrences had been reported in the nearby Lohengrin Castle.

Arriving there, they met up with Laura and Emma, who had gone ahead to assess the situation. Together, the reunited classmates made quick work of the issue.

On their way back, Emma confessed to the group her true identity as a member of the Hexen Clan.

She believed she had no right to remain a part of Class VII after keeping such an important detail secret. In response, Rean offered words of sympathy.

Thanks to him, Emma's resolve to stay with Class VII was renewed. And with that, there was only one member of their class left to

Their search led the group to Bareahard, a pivotal location for the Noble Alliance forces-- and one ruled by the Albarea family.

Following Jusis' guidance, the group finally reunited with him in an airship stationed inside the city.

However, his family's actions and position in the Noble Alliance weighed heavily on Jusis' mind, and he claimed it was impossible for him to rejoin his former classmates.

In response, Rean questioned him regarding his personal feelings on the matter, which brought Jusis back to his senses. To settle things, he requested a duel against Rean.

Their fight took place on a plateau located at the end of a canyon. After a heated struggle, Rean emerged the victor and Jusis agreed to join their class once more.

However, two members of Ouroboros were watching the whole thing unfold from afar.

One was Duvalie the Swift, head knight of the Stahlritter. The other was McBurn, known as the Almighty Conflagration and arguably the society's mightiest member.

They had been dispatched to restrain Class VII, leaving the group little choice but to fight. Despite the students' best efforts, however, they were no match for the duo.

Just as all hope seemed lost, a familiar voice rung out above them.

Dropping into the scene in a blaze of her namesake purple lightning was none other than Sara Valestein, former A-rank bracer and Class VII's homeroom teacher.

Rean's side was brimming with new confidence, but before the fight could resume, they were interrupted by angry shouting coming from below.

This time, it was Duke Albarea, accompanied by a squad of Panzer Soldats. He had come in pursuit of his son, Jusis.

Calling upon Valimar once more, Rean made short work of them. Once done, they wasted no time in leaving Bareahard through the Spirit Path.

With another challenge safely overcome, Class VII had, with one exception, finally reunited.

After returning to Ymir and celebrating, they gathered to decide how they would face the ongoing civil war as a class.

After much discussion, they agreed they would act as a third party, one affiliated with neither the Imperial Army nor the Noble Alliance.

In the midst of their discussion, a voice rang out through the room--one they'd have rather not heard at such a time...

A projection of Vita appeared before them, accompanied by the roar of a massive engine.

They rushed outside and found the Noble Alliance's flagship, the Pantagruel, hovering above the town.

On its deck were Jusis' brother, Rufus, and the Azure Knight, Ordine, piloted by none other than Crow.

Desperate to protect his hometown, Rean summoned Valimar to fight Crow...

...yet, in the end, he was barely able to put a scratch on him.

The rest of Class VII took up arms as well, but Rufus single-handedly dispatched them with similar ease.

After making it crystal clear that they lacked the means to oppose him, Duke Cayenne revealed the reason for his visit.

He had come to invite Rean aboard the Pantagruel.

Should Rean acquiesce, the Noble Alliance would stay away from Ymir for the remainder of the war.

Rean knew it was a trap, but for the sake of Elise and the others who had been taken captive, he agreed.

And thus, Rean made his way aboard the titanic ship.