SEN NO KISEKI The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II


This summary contains spoilers for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

Divertissement - The Occupation

Two months after the end of the war, an unexpectedly swift invasion from Erebonia left the city-state of Crossbell entirely under its control.

Calvard, however, was not about to sit by and let its rival claim more land. The Republic sent its own troops in as a counteroffensive.

Rean, having been named the Ashen Chevalier, was sent into Crossbell to help fend them off.

During this time, a speech from the state's new ruler had been scheduled at Orchis Tower.

There, Chancellor Osborne appointed Rufus Albarea as the first governor general of Crossbell.

Rufus' first act was to announce that the formerly independent state would be annexed into Erebonia.

Crossbell's freedom had been stripped away. Yet, there were those who were working to overcome this new wall before them.

One was a member of the Crossbell State Police Department--Lloyd Bannings.

The other was Rixia Mao, a woman who led a double life as both a performer in a famous troupe and as the legendary assassin, Yin.

They had made their way into Crossbell's underground network of tunnels in order to prevent the state's top secret info from falling into Erebonia's hands.

Their plan was to copy the information off the core terminal, then reformat it. Helping them with this task was an initialization unit one of their allies had made for them.

They reached the terminal and set the unit up All that was left was to wait for it to finish. Their relief quickly faded, however, when they heard a voice call out from behind them.

Turning to look, the pair came face to face with a black-haired boy and a girl dressed in black.

They had received a special order to stop Lloyd and Rixia's ploy.

This was well within expectations, however, and Lloyd and Rixia decided to hold the mysterious duo off until the data wipe was done. The opposing pair didn't seem to mind.

And yet, the black-haired boy appeared to be holding back. After a short skirmish, he readied himself, and began to focus his power...

But no sooner had he begun, than the initialization device finished its process.

Unable to prevent the reformat, the boy and girl changed their objective.

The boy raised his hand and called out a name, causing a huge machine to appear out of nowhere.

He proceeded to board it, and without wasting a moment, he destroyed the terminal with one powerful swing.

Now, this unbelievably powerful machine was blocking their only way out...

...or so it seemed, until the boy allowed them to pass, telling them arrest warrants hadn't been issued for either of them.

With little other choice, Lloyd and Rixia swallowed their pride and made their escape.

But before they left, Lloyd turned and asked the boy a question.

'As I'm sure you already know, my name is Lloyd Bannings, and I'm a police detective with the Crossbell State Police Department.'

'What's your name?'

'I'm with Thors Military Academy, Class VII... No.'

'I'm a provisional military officer with the Crossbell government. Rean Schwarzer.'

Watching the two of them leave, Rean called Lechter to report his failure.

Lechter spoke as though he were familiar with Lloyd and Rixia, and accepted Rean's report without reprimanding him.

Rean took one more glance in the direction Lloyd and Rixia had fled, jealous of their ability to push on towards the future. With a quiet sigh, he took his leave from Crossbell.