SEN NO KISEKI The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II


This summary contains spoilers for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

Intermission - Aboard the Pantagruel

Rean found himself on the Pantagruel's bridge, where the duke invited him to join the Noble Alliance.

The duke explained that if Rean wanted to bring an end to the war, joining him would make it happen all the more quickly.

Rufus urged him to consider the offer, telling Rean every soldier must decide for himself if a cause is worth fighting for.

Escorted to a private room to think it all over, Rean found himself at a loss over what to do. In the midst of his thoughts, Crow paid him an unexpected visit.

Realizing that he hadn't changed much in spite of everything, Rean began to question him. Why did he loathe Chancellor Osborne so much? What led him to form the Imperial Liberation Front?

Unable to resist Rean's earnest questions, Crow gave in and agreed to talk.

At a young age, he had lost both his hometown and family to Osborne's schemes. He then wandered the country until he met Duke Cayenne.

The two allied over their shared grudge for Osborne, and, funded by the duke, Crow sought out likeminded people to form the Imperial Liberation Front.

During this time, Vita, who had been in contact with Duke Cayenne, guided Crow to become Ordine's awakener.

Finally, he enrolled himself in Thors as a cover for his true goal... assassinate Giliath Osborne and rid Erebonia of him once and for all.

After Crow left, Rean took the opportunity to wander around the ship and gather intel before finally heading to the guest of honor's room, where he found none other than Princess Alfin.

According to her, Elise was currently being held with the rest of the Imperial family.

Hearing this, Rean began considering again how joining the Noble Alliance to end the war quickly might be the best choice, for Elise's sake.

No sooner had the words left his mouth than Alfin launched into a heartfelt speech to set him straight.

She told him he shouldn't use Elise as his excuse, not when Elise's greatest desire was for Rean to follow the path he believed in most.

This opened Rean's eyes to the realization that those he cherished felt the same about him. The power he once feared would no longer torment him. All he had to do was listen to his heart.

And his heart's message was loud and clear. He would take Alfin and escape from the airship.

With the help of his power, he was able to shake off all who stood in his way.

After escaping onto the deck, they found Crow there waiting for them.

This led to a duel between Rean and Crow, no Divine Knights involved. Rean was able to use his power to gain the upper hand...

...but said power ran dry before he could land a decisive blow.

What's worse, it gave time for those pursuing him to finally reach the deck, too. With nowhere left to run, the situation couldn't have been any more dire.

Suddenly, a red streak zoomed through the skies overhead. The Courageous had come to the rescue.

A number of trusty allies leapt from the cruiser and landed on the Pantagruel's deck. Emma teleported herself and the rest of Class VII aboard, as well.

Rean was both relieved and stunned at this turn of events, but the biggest surprise had yet to come.

Prince Olivert, owner of the Courageous and chairman of Thors, also made his appearance.

With both sides evenly matched, the two groups found themselves at a stalemate, and the Noble Alliance decided to withdraw.

Finally, all its allies safely aboard, the Courageous set off, flying away at full speed.