Disgaea®5: Alliance of Vengeance

Team Attack

When next to an allied unit, a team attack will sometimes occur! With more units, the attacks will be more powerful, and the animation will become flashier!

Team Attack 1 Team Attack 2

When the attack triggers, each unit will have their own cut scene! After that, they pound on the enemy.

Special Skills

Battle units can unleash special skills according to their class or the weapons they use. It's possible to make a unit learn unlimited skills!

Special Skills 1 Special Skills 2

Special skills have various animations, from flashy to unique.

Lift and Throw

The well-known Lift and Throw system. Allies, enemies, or objects in the map can be lifted and thrown!

Life and Throw

Form a tower by lifting multiple units.


Demon-type units can use Magichange and become a weapon that is equippable to human units!


Defeat powerful enemies with Magichange weapons! When a Nekomata Magichanges, she turns into an Axe.

Geo Effects

There may be a colored symbols and panels on the map. These are called Geo Symbols and Geo Panels, and the special ability the symbols have are affixed to all the units that are on the same colored panel.

Geo Effects

Depending on the spaces you have available, the battle may become easier or more difficult.。



Each unit has a special effect, an Evility, according to their job or race. If you equip an Evility, the number of turns your unit can move may increase, the attack range may greatly increase, etc. Evilities display powerful effects!


Be aware of the cost and number of slots when equipping an Evility.

Class Proficiency


Each job and race has a proficiency. Proficiency will carry over when changing a job or race with Reincarnation, creating powerful units!


Proficiency will rise when you battle, and you can learn Evilities or increase stat growth.