Disgaea®5: Alliance of Vengeance

Squad System

The Squad System allows you to organize your units into squads, which will give them various benefits and unlock various facilities within the pocket Netherworld. Each squad has squad effects that benefit battle and training for all members.

Squad Organization

Squad organization can be executed in the Squad Shop at the base. There are various squads that you can place units in, such as Foot Soldier Squad and Boot Camp Squad.

  • squad system 3
    [Squad Effect] Your status may rise depending on the number of members.
  • squad system 4
    [Squad Effect] You can acquire some of the EXP that the leader gains in battle.。
  • squad system 5
    [Squad Effect] Flatty Squad members' stats rise.

Squad Strength

By raising the squad level, you can increase the amount of members or strengthen the effect of each squad.

The squad level can be raised by imprisoning rival squads and expanding the size of the support squad, which exists within each squad.

Method for Capturing Prisoners

  • squad system 8
    [Victory in Battle] When you win a battle against a rival squad, there are times when a portion of the enemy units will surrender, becoming prisoners.
  • squad system 9
    [Capture in Battle] Units of the Capture Squad can use capture skills and force rival units to become prisoners.
  • squad system 10
    [Interrogation Room] By using the Interrogation Room at the base, prisoners will become even more cooperative, and it will be easier to expand the support squad than usual.

Squad Skill

By using the squad leader's squad skill during battle, a squad can perform an attack against the enemy all at once! A squad skill is different from an average attack because the squad's leader can give damage to all units in the rival squad.

A squad skill can be used by each squad's leader. When activated, squad members and the support squad will join together, clashing with the rival squad!