Disgaea®5: Alliance of Vengeance

Alliance Skill

Alliance Skill is an exclusive skill that only main characters can use, and if these characters, either lovers or rivals, are next to each other, it will activate!

Killia & Seraphina's Alliance Skill Cryo Heartbreaker

An Alliance Skill from the two lovers, the main character and the heroine. Killia's freezing stats and Seraphina's seductive power unites!

Red Magnus & Zeroken's Alliance Skill Cross Flame Gale

A powerful Alliance Skill from two hot-blooded men. Its an attack that engulfs its enemies in flames while tearing them in half with gusts of wind.

Usalia & Christo's Alliance Skill Curry Break

Curry lover Usalia and schemer Christo's unusual Alliance Skill. The quiet Overlords' splendid break time...?