Disgaea®5: Alliance of Vengeance

Innocent Shop

The Innocent Shop is a facility that manages the Innocent that strengthen your equipment and items. Here, you can transfer an Innocent to a different item or combine Innocents of the same type!

  • Innocent Shop 1
    When you defeat an Innocent and make it obey you, you may improve the performance of an item belonging to that Innocent.
  • Innocent Shop 2
    Gather Innocents that you prefer and customize your items!
  • Innocent Shop 3
    If you combine Innocents of the same type, you can cram in many innocents!

Innocent Farm

Apart from transferring and combining Innocents, you can also drop off and raise your Innocents at the Innocent Farm. There are times when stronger than average Innocents are born and raised in the ranch, so try out the Innocent Farm!

  • Innocent Shop 4
    Choose the Innocent that you want to drop off at the ranch. The more Innocents that you drop off go into battle, the more they will grow!
  • Innocent Shop 5
    There are also times when you drop off two or more Innocents and the amount of rare, powerful Innocents increase!