Disgaea D2

Extra Gain

Demon Masters! Demon Apprentices!

Usually, residents of the Netherworld do whatever they want, but even demons work together sometimes, and some form master and apprentice relationships! (Probably only because it helps out both of them...) Here we will explain the benefits of forming master and apprentice relationships!

Only one of them can be the master, but since they're demons, this system has to benefit both parties.

When a demon becomes an apprentice to another demon, they can learn the master's skills. If the master knows a spell, the apprentice will be able to learn it and make it their own. Also, if the master is good with a certain weapon, the apprentice can get better with that weapon at an increased! (Aptitude)


Learn spells from your master!

Your Weapon Aptitude increases. In return, the master's stats increase depending on the stats of the apprentice! As the apprentice gets stronger, the master's stat bonuses increase.

Take in an apprentice and boost your stats!