Disgaea D2

The Dark Assembly

Power and Wealth Control the Dark Assembly! The Dark Assembly, an assembly of demons, for demons.

Here, the vast amount of bills that demons have presented are debated day in and day out. If you can get them to accept it your bills, they will come true! In the Netherworld, all kinds of crazy bills are passed! Just so you know, voting in the Netherworld has its own majority rules style. Those with more power are more vocal, so getting approval depends on getting the stronger Senators to side with you. You can also pass out bribes to improve your chances of getting your bill approved!

How to be a Netherworld Gentleman! Netherworld-Style Negotiating!

Buy votes with bribes! You can bribe opposing Senators! You can change the minds of those who disagree by giving them items. By persuading these Senators, it'll be easier to get an approval.

Persuade by Force! Being stubborn is one of the beauties of being a demon! Don't let denials stop you! Fight the opposing Senators, and force them to accept! Then you'll get a unanimous vote!?

The Dark Assembly is full of surprises!? Senators can turn against you instantly!? Tyrannical chairmen change their mind!? Drama worthy of the Netherworld— You never know what will happen until you get approval!

Watch This! The Many Uses of the Dark Assembly!

I don't want to grind! I want to level up faster! Triple your EXP at the Dark Assembly!

But the enemies are too strong!

That's because your weapon is too weak! Get a better weapon! Get approval to get better weapons in the shops!

But I don't have enough money!


There's only one thing left to do...take their money! What!? They don't approve!? Force them to pay up!

There's a Bill That Allows You to Promote to the Next Class Rank!

One the bills that you can propose to the Dark Assembly will Promote you to the next rank of your Job Class. Each Job Class has ranks that get stronger as the ranks get higher. For example the Warrior Job Class has... Fighter → Warrior → Destroyer → ...

Higher ranks appear as you progress through the game or level up a character in each Job Class. You can reincarnate into the advanced Job Classes, but those who want improve faster should try to pass this bill.

You Want to Pass a Bill!? But You Don't Want to Fight High-Level Senators! Then You'll Have to Grease the Political Wheels!

You did everything you needed to do, but your bill still didn't pass... And you would like to force them to approve it, but the Senators are too strong... You are left with only one thing to do! Give them Hell! This is different from bribing them with items or forcing them to approve it... This is paying them money to give in. The more you pay them, the more likely they are to change their mind. This is how the more sophisticated demons do it.