Disgaea D2

Demon Connect

What Connects Demons is Likeability!

Regardless of whether they share a master/apprentice relationship, all demons have some sort of relationship with each other. They will like some and hate some. The quantification of how much characters like or hate each other is called "likeability"! The higher their likeability, the friendlier their conversations will become, and the better they will work together in battle.

Players can change who they control in the base so you can enjoy conversations between all kinds of characters!

How Do You Increase Likeability? Likeability increases as you fight in the same battles, or heal other units with items or spells. Team attacks really increase your likeability!

This Is...the Power of Love! (Flonne)

Protect Ally Units! If you share a high likeability with a character, they might take hits for you!

I'm Just Using Them. (Etna)

Follow Up With a Support Attack! There is a higher likelihood of team attacks with units that share a high likeability! Also, if two character are close enough, they might perform a support attack! The more allies there are, the higher the likelihood of support attacking!

Change Your Likeability at the Dark Assembly.

From the Dark Assembly at the Overlord's Castle, you can change the likeability between demons, for better or worse! It sounds ridiculous, but in the Netherworld, that's the way to go.

They Don't Like Me, But...That's the Way I Like It!

Likeability is the measurement of how much two demons like each other. The higher it is, the more friendly their conversations will be, and the more combos they'll do in battle. But! It's a whole other thing to play the game with all your characters hating each other. The hateful comments that your characters have for each other can only be seen if they hate each other. "I want her to be mean to me..." "I wanna play loner-style!" "I want to see a variety of conversations!" For those who have these desires, try having your character hate each other!