Disgaea D2

Character Creation: Monsters

From Cute to Fierce! Create Your Very Own One-of-a-Kind Monsters!

Humanoids aren't the only units you can create! You can create monsters, too! This is the Netherworld! It's not unusual to find monsters walking around. They can wreak havoc any way they want, any time they want! Monsters can comprise the majority of your party if you want! After all, this is the Netherworld!

Fierce monsters!!! Cute Monsters...

Defeat the Monster First! In order to create a monster unit, you need to first defeat that monster type in battle. By encountering and defeating the different monster types, you will be able to create more and more different types of monsters.

By progressing through the game, you will encounter stronger and stronger monsters. By fighting and defeating them, you will be able create more monsters!

Monster Characteristics!

Their Look! The first thing that comes to mind is that they look much more unique from class to class compared to humanoids! There are the fierce, claw-and-fang wielding monsters, as well as the cute looking kind. They also have many different ways that they do things. They have different ways of moving and attacking. For example, Dragons look more dynamic, and Alraune (plant monsters) use vines to attack.

There are Many Other Types, as Well!

Receive Unlike humanoids, monsters can't Lift characters, but they can Receive, which allows them to pass units even further when thrown!




Monsters pass units the same direction they are facing when Receiving!

Talking to Monsters! Your conversations with monsters will change as your likeability with them changes. Talk to your monster allies in the Overlord's Castle. Turn the Overlord's Castle into a Monster Haven! Monsters can use the Dark Assembly, too. You can also make it so that you can walk around as a monster... Maybe you can create so many monsters, you'll turn the Overlord's Castle into a monster haven!

Super Unique Monster Skills!

Blades of water!

Super powerful lightning!

Gather light at the tip of your muzzle, and... SHOOT!

Breathe fire as a flame demon!

Devastating Monster Attacks!