• Basic Game Flow
  • Mercenary Squad
  • Quests/Join Wars
  • Squad/Contract Nation
  • User Interface
  • Operation Modes
  • Objects
  • Special Actions
  • Armaments
  • Battle System
  • Customization


Unit Customization
Units can be strengthened by equipping them with weapons and accessories. Furthermore, setting pyroxene shards, crystals, or orbs in equipment can provide various effects that further increase units' skills and abilities. The amount of pyroxene that can be set varies depending on the equipment. For example, some weapons might have inferior stats, but can accommodate a large number of pyroxene.
User Blacksmiths to Enhance Equipment
The blacksmith in each nation's capital can not only create new equipment with the proper blueprint and materials, they can also upgrade and synthesize equipment. Upgrading equipment adds an additional pyroxene slot, while synthesis lets you combine the abilities of two weapons. If you have a favorite weapon, this will allow you use it for a long time.
Troop Customization
In addition to naming your troop, you can also choose the design of their field piece and their troop flag.
Players can also edit the comments that display in online ranking.