• Basic Game Flow
  • Mercenary Squad
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  • Squad/Contract Nation
  • User Interface
  • Operation Modes
  • Objects
  • Special Actions
  • Armaments
  • Battle System
  • Customization

Special Actions

Assist Gauge
An Assist lets you to coordinate with an ally to defeat a weakened enemy.
Grit lets you stop an enemy's attack when you're on the verge of defeat.
In both cases, these special actions utilize the Assist Gauge, which is positioned around the troop flag.
When one of your units completes its attack against an enemy, an Assist may trigger if that enemy is near death, prompting a follow-up attack from an ally of your choosing.
However, the skill they use must be one that is assigned to the Assist slot. If the near-death enemy is not within that skill's effective range, the Assist will not be triggered.
Defeating enemies who are on the verge of death will end battles much faster.
Grit has a chance of triggering when an ally unit is near death after being attacked.
When Grit triggers, the unit ignores all damage dealt by that enemy's attack and survives with 1 HP remaining.
However, Grit is only effective against a single enemy's attack. Grit has severely reduced effectiveness against consecutive attacks by multiple enemies.
Since there is no way to revive units that are defeated during battle, Grit is very important because it can negate potentially fatal situations.