• Basic Game Flow
  • Mercenary Squad
  • Quests/Join Wars
  • Squad/Contract Nation
  • User Interface
  • Operation Modes
  • Objects
  • Special Actions
  • Armaments
  • Battle System
  • Customization

User Interfaces

  • Troop Flag
    The upper portion of the screen displays the troop flag for both sides. You can select a troop flag from among various pre-rendered designs.
  • Assist Gauge
    The Assist Gauge builds by attacking the enemy, and is consumed when performing special actions that can turn the tide of battle.
    More about Assist Gauge
  • Assigned Skills
    Each unit's portrait, name, and assigned skills are displayed here. Also, the buttons mapped to each assigned skill are displayed above each unit's head.

  • Move Gauge and Action Gauge
    Two gauges are displayed in the lower portion of the screen. The top is the Action Gauge, which is consumed when using skills. The bottom is the Move Gauge, which is consumed during movement. During each unit's turn, they can move and perform skills until both gauges are depleted.
  • Action Timeline
    The bottom-most portion of the screen displays each unit's turn order. The passage of time is represented by the hourglass that moves to the left. Swiftly winning battles is key to completing quests.