• Basic Game Flow
  • Mercenary Squad
  • Quests/Join Wars
  • Squad/Contract Nation
  • User Interface
  • Operation Modes
  • Objects
  • Special Actions
  • Armaments
  • Battle System
  • Customization

Complete Quests and Join Wars

Accepting Quests (Offline)
Quests are categorized into 4 types: Campaign, Single, Versus, and Travel.
Single and Versus quests are given by one of the Four Great Nations. In addition to receiving rewards upon completion, these quests will also increase your reputation with that nation. Furthermore, rewards for identical quests can differ depending on the nation.
Players will assume the role of a mercenary squad captain who joins the Guild. As they travel the continent, moving from one battlefield to another, the player will learn more about the war-torn continent of Resonail, and the events unfolding behind the scenes.
For this quest type, you will compete against a rival player's troop to see which of you can complete the quest first. If you are successful, in addition to receiving rewards such as items and money, your reputation with that nation will also rise.
These quests have various conditions, such as controlling and/or defending key points. If you are successful, in addition to receiving rewards such as items and money, your reputation with that nation will also rise.
Quests that allow you to strengthen your troop by gathering resources, collecting treasure, and fighting monsters for experience points.
To the Battlefield
Send your allied troops against the enemy's troops, and strive to complete the quest within the Action Limit. The battlefield has treasure and resources to collect, and armaments positioned throughout the field will generate support attacks, so it is vital that you choose the most efficient route to complete your mission.
Search the field carefully, though, for what seems like a dead end may actually be a hidden shortcut.

▲When you arrive at key points on the field during a Campaign quest, a cutscene will start that progresses the story. ▲If you enter a battle within firing range of enemy armaments, seen here in red, the armaments will generate support attacks.
Participating in Wars (Online)
You can participate in Wars online by forming a contract with one of the Four Great Nations.

During War, players belonging to each nation will vote to decide which territory to invade, and which territory to defend. Based on the terms of their contract, players will fight Invasion and Defense battles for their contract nation, and receive military gains.

On the battlefield, you will fight for territory by demolishing enemy strongholds while defending your own.

Players who have contracts with enemy nations will appear as enemies. Because the activity of each player participating in War is reflected in real-time on the battlefield, the war situation can change at any moment.

▲The area that each nation will invade is decided by contracted players' votes. Acquiring territory that contains important resources will play a big role in dominating the realm.

Elements of War

Vote on the placement of armaments before the operation begins, and devise a strategy for defending allied forts.
Royal Orders
As you battle against other players on behalf of your contract nation, you will accumulate points that can be spent to activate direct orders from that nation's ruler.
These orders have the potential to turn the tide of battle in your favor!
Support Attack
Intervene in other players' battles by using support skills that directly affect the battlefield.
You can use these skills to support players who are also contracted with your nation.
Support comes in many forms, such as healing allies or attacking enemies.
You can project messages as floating speech bubbles over your piece during an operation. Sharing information on the frontlines increases the likelihood of securing the advantage.