• Basic Game Flow
  • Mercenary Squad
  • Quests/Join Wars
  • Squad/Contract Nation
  • User Interface
  • Operation Modes
  • Objects
  • Special Actions
  • Armaments
  • Battle System
  • Customization

Operation Modes

In battle, you attack by using skills that you assign to each button. Melee units and certain Specialist units have two operations modes, and you can set the mode that each unit will use.

With Technical mode you can assign skills to the ○/△/□ buttons as well as the L1+○/△/□ buttons, for a total of 6 skills that you can use. This mode offers more freedom and has greater potential for performing strong combos. However, it restricts you from using the same skill twice in a row. To deliver consistent damage, it's important to choose your skills carefully and use them at the right time.
Simple mode allows you to use a main skill up to four times in a row (○ button), and two sub skills (△ button/□ button). Though it doesn't compare to the damage and combo potential of Technical mode, you can deal damage multiple times by repeatedly pressing the ○ button. This allows players that are not used to action games to deal combos easily.

▲ An operation mode that allows you to easily
form combos.

Test your Skills with Training
From the Skills menu, you can access the training yard and try out your skills. Using a practice dummy, you can test the effective range of your skills and how to string combos together. Apply the knowledge you gain from training to real battles.