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Black Alberich

May you enjoy what little time you have left before the end of days is upon us.
The Enigmatic Chief of the Gnomes

The leader of the Gnomes, long thought to have disappeared from the annals of Erebonia's history. He is accompanied by a strange and imposing combat shell called "Zoa Balor."

After the Gnomes vanished some centuries ago, not even the Hexen Clan were certain where they had gone. However, they have now reappeared as the Black Workshop--one of the Thirteen Factories allied with Ouroboros. As the Black Workshop, they have involved themselves with manufacturing combat shells, homunculi, and countless other weapons...

In pursuit of his goal to bring the calamity hanging over Erebonia to its bloody conclusion, Alberich revealed himself at long last and pledged absolute loyalty to Osborne.

It seems his true identity may be Franz Reinford--Alisa's father and Irina's late husband. How he returned to life and why he seems completely different from the man they knew remains a mystery, however.