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Rean Schwarzer

Class VIIs, new and old--
it's time to face our greatest trial yet!
The Ashen Chevalier

A young man who was born the son of Chancellor Osborne before a grim chain of events led to his adoption into the Schwarzer family.

He is a practitioner of the Eight Leaves One Blade style, and harbors a mysterious power within him. Following the end of the Erebonian Civil War, he was hailed as a hero throughout the Empire and became known as the "Ashen Chevalier," pilot of Valimar, the Ashen Knight.

After graduating from Thors' Military Academy, he joined Thors' branch campus as an instructor, where he guided his pupils through their many trials together.

While leading both new and old Class VII to fend off the crisis that faced Erebonia, he fell prey to the masterminds' schemes, resulting in him losing control over his power and triggering the end of the world.

He is currently a captive, his whereabouts unknown.