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Musse Egret

Maybe it's a little unfair of us to steal the first chance, but nevertheless...shall we?

Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus

Class VII: Special Operations

Weapon: Arts Rifle

The Weissland Army's Chessmistress

A delicate-looking, coquettish girl from the prestigious Egret family. She originally attended St. Astraia Girls' School prior to enrolling in the branch campus.

The mysterious airs and hidden talents she had let slip during her time as a student were in fact only a taste of her true identity: Mildine Juzelith de Cayenne, niece of Duke Cayenne and heir apparent to the Cayenne Duchy.

Having secretly formed the Weissland Army out of noble forces in order to oppose Chancellor Osborne, she has left the branch campus to continue her work on the main stage alongside her two collaborators, Aurelia Le Guin, the Golden Rakshasa, and Vita Clotilde, the Azure Abyss.