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Gaius Worzel

I will protect this world to my dying breath.
For Nord, and for the Empire.
Both of my homelands alike.
The Gralsritter's Eighth Dominion

A member of the nomadic people of the Nord Highlands. Like the rest of his people, he is deeply devout to both the Goddess and the wind.

After graduating Thors, an incident in his homeland resulted in him inheriting both his stigma and the seat of Eighth Dominion from Father Barkhorn, thus inducting him into the Gralsritter of the Septian Church. Upon completing his training as a Knight in the Holy City of Arteria, he returned to Heimdallr to assist Rean and the new Class VII.

Though he fought hard to protect his two homes, even his newfound power wasn't enough to prevent the calamity that befell Erebonia.