Cassius Bright

Without a doubt, a time when great determination and sacrifice are needed will be upon us soon.
Lieutenant General of the Royal Army of Liberl & Estelle's Father

The legendary commander of the Royal Army of Liberl, known for routing the Imperial Army in the Hundred Days War 14 years ago.

Having studied under Yun Ka-fai of the Eight Leaves One Blade School, Cassius achieved mastery of the style and is known as the Divine Blade.

He retired from the army after losing his wife in the Hundred Days War, choosing to help people as a bracer instead. His exploits across Zemuria earned him a promotion to S-rank bracer, given to only to a small handful of individuals.

After the Erebonian guild branches were attacked and the coup d'etat in Liberl, he returned to active duty in the military.

Since then, Cassius has been helping rebuild the Royal Army of Liberl while working alongside Prince Olivert to keep an eye on the suspicious movements of the Erebonian government.