Rufus Albarea

I will put everything on the line to achieve my goal. And there's still so much more I have to do.
Governor General of Crossbell &
Primary Member of the Ironbloods

The eldest son of House Albarea--one of the Four Great Houses--and the primary member of the Ironbloods, a group of talented individuals handpicked by Chancellor Osborne.

During the civil war, Rufus served as Chief of Staff for the Noble Alliance. In truth, however, he was working with Osborne to weaken the Alliance from within.

After the war, he was named the first governor general of the newly-annexed Crossbell province. He was able to suppress resistance to the annexation by carefully controlling the flow of information to the people.

At the Gral, he stood against Class VII, revealing his true lineage and the long-kept family secrets of the Albarea household to his younger brother, Jusis.