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Claire Rieveldt

I'm sorry, everyone...
I couldn't change after all.
Railway Military Police Major & Member of the Ironbloods

A high ranking officer in the Railway Military Police (RMP) and one of the Ironbloods, handpicked individuals working directly under Osborne.

With a mind as powerful as a computer, she expertly leads a number of squads across Erebonia's railway network. Her cold and calculating demeanor while on the job has earned her the title "Icy Maiden."

Despite serving under Osborne, she ended up becoming close with Rean, the old Class VII, and the members of the branch campus. Feeling her debt to the chancellor is too great to ever repay, however, she now follows him fully, standing against her former friends.

Adding to the turmoil in her heart is the loss of someone who was like a sister to her and the weight of the guilt she carries for helping lead Rean down the path of destruction...