KeA Bannings

If each of us helps the others out, if we're all a guiding light for each other, we'll be dozens--no, hundreds of times stronger!

A girl with a cheerful personality and a bright smile.

Ever since Lloyd rescued her from being auctioned off to the mafia, she's been like part of the family to the members of the SSS.

Though she looks like a normal little girl, in truth, she's a homunculus created by alchemists 500 years ago as part of their bid to revive the Sept-Terrion of Mirage.

As the Sept-Terrion of Zero, KeA had power over not just the element of mirage, but time and space as well. Though certain individuals sought to misuse KeA's powers, the SSS was able to rescue her.

Since then, it seems as though she has lost her powers, though the Erebonian government still keeps a close eye on her.