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Cedric Reise Arnor

We're bringing a new order to this world, and an undertaking this great leaves me no room for weakness!
Crown Prince of Erebonia

The legitimate heir of Emperor Eugent III and first in line for the throne. Growing up, Cedric had a kind and gentle personality and was on good terms with his older brother, Olivert and his twin sister, Alfin. However, after being used as the Vermillion Apocalypse's core at the end of the civil war, his body and soul were thrown out of balance.

A year and a half later, he had recovered and enrolled in Thors, but seemed to be a completely different person, both in terms of personality and his skill with a sword.

He appears to idolize Chancellor Osborne and is willing to use his position as Crown Prince to help him bring about the calamity Erebonia now faces. Further, now that Cedric has become the Vermillion Awakener, he seems to show an obsession with the power his Knight wields...