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Laura S. Arseid

I will challenge you with all that I have. Today, I will prove that I have surpassed you!
Acting Master of the Arseid School

The daughter of Viscount Arseid—the head of a famous military family in Erebonia. Like Rean, she is a former member of the old Class VII and a practicing swordsman.

After graduating Thors, she trained rigorously with her father for a year and a half, learning all of the Arseid style's techniques and qualifying as acting master of the school. From there, she continued to travel to training halls across Erebonia to further her skill, lending her assistance to Rean and the new Class VII whenever their paths crossed.

She reunited with both Class VIIs to face the impending crisis in Heimdallr. There, she bore witness to the tragic explosion of the Courageous⁠—with her father aboard.