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Juna Crawford

About time. I'm ready to get down to business.

Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus

Class VII: Special Operations

Weapon: Gunbreakers

Crossbell's Next Generation

The de facto leader of the new Class VII—an energetic girl with a strong sense of justice. She was raised in the formerly independent Crossbell State.

She idolizes the Special Support Section and enrolled in Crossbell's police academy to follow in their footsteps, but certain circumstances forced her to transfer to Thors' branch campus instead.

Though initially distrustful of the people who had invaded her home—not least of all their hero, the Ashen Chevalier—her many trials overcome with Class VII helped her grow. She is now determined to fight for a future where Crossbellans and Erebonians can work together, hand in hand.

Now that the Great Twilight has spread throughout Erebonia, however, Juna's fulfilling days at the academy have come to an end, leaving nothing awaiting her but bleak reality.