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Fie Claussell

There's absolutely no way I'd ever give up
on Rean. Or on all our futures!
Erebonian Bracer Guild Member

A young bracer with astounding combat prowess and physical capability, raised from youth by a jaeger corps known as Zephyr.

A reunion with Xeno and Leonidas—her former allies—during the civil war made her determined to take up the path of a bracer, leading to her qualification into the guild under the guidance of Instructor Sara.

While working in and out of Erebonia, she encountered her former boss, Rutger—long thought to have been dead—as well as Xeno and Leonidas, who had both vanished at the end of the civil war.

She managed to prove to Rutger the extent of her growth as a bracer, but the advent of the Empire's curse prevented her from discovering the truth behind his return, as well as Zephyr's alliance with the Gnomes.