Estelle Bright

We can definitely do this! We have to!
To protect what matters to each of us!
Liberlian Bracer Guild Member

A senior bracer from the Liberl Kingdom whose father, Cassius Bright, is the commander of its armed forces.

She was promoted to Senior Bracer at the young age of 16 and played a key role in saving her country from the Liberlian Intelligence Division's coup d'etat and the Orbal Shutdown incident.

After meeting Renne, a young girl who was an Enforcer in Ouroboros, she and Joshua convinced her to leave them behind and join their family. With things settled for the moment, Estelle continued her bracer work, all the while, collecting information from all across western Zemuria.

After hearing troubling rumors about the Courageous exploding and the breakdown of diplomatic relations between Erebonia and Calvard, Estelle, with Joshua and Renne at her side, goes to find the truth.