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Vita Clotilde

I'm doing this to honor her memory...
and for Grianos, too.
Ouroboros' Second Anguis, the Azure Abyss

Vita is a high-ranking member of Ouroboros, but grew up alongside Emma as a witch of the Hexen Clan.

In order to carry out the society's Phantasmal Blaze Plan, she manipulated the Noble Faction throughout the civil war. However, as the plan reached its final stages, it was stolen from her by Chancellor Osborne.

That, coupled with a difference of opinion with the other Anguis on how to proceed, led her to go into hiding. However, when Musse approached her as the successor to the Cayenne Duchy, she was convinced to take the stage once more.

Under cover of the chaos caused by the Gral of Erebos, she joined up with Musse, Aurelia, and the Weissland Army and departed for an unknown location.