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Ash Carbide

Sorry, but I don't got time to waste on trash like you.

Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus

Class VII: Special Operations

Weapon: Switchaxe

Cursed Fugitive of the Empire

A troublemaking punk who grew up in the slums of Raquel. Despite his coarse mouth and brazen behavior, he possesses exceptional talent in a variety of fields.

Though originally enrolled in Class VIII of the branch campus, he transferred into Class VII halfway through the year, where Rean and the rest of the class proved influential in helping him discover his own path.

However, he suddenly attacked Emperor Eugent III under the influence of Erebonia's dark curse, sparking a nationwide uproar. Though taken into custody, he was rescued by the Weissland Army under orders from General Aurelia Le Guin; but since her departure from the branch campus, his current whereabouts are unknown.