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Giliath Osborne

Ah, how desperately you cling to your thin strands of hope. If you wish to struggle against the inevitable, then so be it.
Chancellor of Erebonia and Ebon Awakener

Infamously known as the "Blood and Iron Chancellor," Osborne is a commoner who rose from humble origins to become chancellor of the most powerful country on the continent.

Since taking office, he has pushed for modernization across the Empire, both socially, and in terms of its infrastructure, expanding its vast railway network as he ruthlessly annexes surrounding countries.

At the end of the civil war, he revealed himself to Rean as his birth father and presented him to the nation as the "Ashen Chevalier," using his own son as a pawn of the government.

He then began rapidly expanding the military and annexed the independent states of Crossbell and North Ambria in quick succession. At the same time, he used Ouroboros behind the scenes to trigger the Great Twilight.

Now, after years of planning, the pieces are in place and the end of all things looms over the world, wrought by his hands...