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Shirley Orlando,
the Sanguine Ogre

Maybe while Princey Boy's off doing his duty,
I'll have myself a little fun.
Ouroboros' Enforcer No. XVII

An Enforcer of Ouroboros and battalion commander of the Red Constellation, one of the most powerful jaeger corps on the continent. Shirley lives for battle, often becoming completely unhinged when she gets especially fired up.

She came to Erebonia at the request of Mariabell, the Third Anguis, and performed missions for Ouroboros in a number of locations across the country. During the chaos in Heimdallr, she briefly teamed up with Zephyr, the two rivals making a surprisingly deadly combination.

After Ouroboros' decision to begin cooperating with Osborne's faction, Shirley has been seen with Prince Cedric, acting as his bodyguard.