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Ashen Chevalier, young lions of Thors.
It is time for you to show your worth!
Ouroboros' Seventh Anguis, the Steel Maiden

A high-ranking member of Ouroboros and a nearly peerless master of combat, Arianrhod is one of the greatest warriors in Erebonian history.

In order to assist with reclaiming the Phantasmal Blaze Plan for Ouroboros, she and the Stahlritter conducted experiments across Erebonia with the new models of Aion.

Though she goes by "Arianrhod," her true identity is that of Lianne Sandlot, the Lance Maiden, a hero said to have fallen in battle during the War of the Lions 250 years ago. She was spared this fate, however, by virtue of having been the Awakener of the Argent Knight, Argreion.

With the onset of the Great Twilight, it would seem her goals have at long last been accomplished, yet she still seems to be planning something. What lies behind her cold gaze remains a mystery to all...