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Towa Herschel

Even if I have to use force to make you do it...
I'll make sure you carry your burden,
because I'm your friend!
Class IX: Military Finance - Homeroom Instructor

The homeroom teacher for Thors' branch campus' Class IX, Towa was an upperclassman to the old Class VII and student council president during her time at Thors.

Exceptionally hardworking, she is often relied on by her peers. During the civil war, she played a large role in the Crimson Wings, serving as acting captain of the Courageous.

Since becoming Rean's colleague at the branch campus, she has continued to guide her pupils with her special brand of compassion.

With the disappearance of Angelica, the reapparance of Crow, and George's involvement with both events, she is now filled with worry over her three closest friends.