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Altina Orion

No matter your methods, there is only so much you can accomplish alone.

Thors Military Academy - Branch Campus

Class VII: Special Operations

Weapon: Claiomh Solais

Designation: Originator Zero 74

A seemingly emotionless girl who uses her combat shell, Claiomh Solais, to fight. She was formerly affiliated with the Imperial Army's Intelligence Division under the code name "Black Rabbit," and served as Rean's support and surveillance during his time fulfilling the government's orders.

When Rean was assigned to the branch campus as an instructor, she enrolled under secret orders herself. Her experiences as a student of Class VII deepened her bonds with Rean and her classmates, causing her to slowly develop genuine emotions.

During the incident in Heimdallr, she was resolved to protect her friends at the cost of her life, but ended up losing someone dear to her instead. Lamenting days now forever lost, Altina sank to the depths of despair...