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Crow Armbrust

'What am I doing?'
Already told you.
I'm working off my interest.
The Azure Chevalier

A long-absent member of the old Class VII. Despite being a year ahead of Rean and the others, he ended up joining their class and spending his days as a student alongside them.

Though he was known at Thors as a friendly slacker who loved gambling, the truth was far more complicated. His student life was simply a front for his identity as leader of the Imperial Liberation Front, a group he founded to get revenge on Chancellor Osborne for annexing his home country of Jurai.

He and Rean found themselves on opposite sides during the civil war, but banded together at the end to defeat the Vermillion Apocalypse. Crow suffered a fatal wound in the battle, however, and imparted his final words to his friends in Class VII before breathing his last.

Or so everyone thought. Due to the machinations of the Gnomes, Crow was brought back to life as an Immortal by the name of Azure Siegfried. With all memories of his former life sealed away, he had no choice but to follow the Gnomes' orders.

It would seem, however, that those memories suddenly returned just as the Great Twilight began...