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Victor S. Arseid
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Victor S. Arseid

The viscout of the town of Legram and head of the Arseid style of swordsmanship, one of the two major sword styles in Erebonia.

Known as the Radiant Blademaster and the greatest swordsman in the empire, it's said that the only one who approaches his level of skill is his top disciple, Aurelia Le Guin.

At the end of the civil war, he clashed with the Blazing Demon, McBurn in order to open a path for Class VII. Their battle went beyond the level of mortal understanding, but he was wounded as a result.

After his daughter, Laura, graduated from Thors, he took her on a journey to train, in order to pass on the Arseid school's ultimate techniques to her. Something in his eyes gives the impression he's worried about the future, however...