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I can't go any farther now...but you can, so keep going forward... Relentlessly, without looking back... With those words in their minds and determinaton in their heart, they heeded his final wish. 1206 of the Septian Calendar, spring— A year and a half has passed since the civil war. With the annexation of Crossbell, the largest trade city on the continent, soon followed by the independent state of North Ambria a few months later, the Empire of Erebonia has grown far larger than its rival, the Republic of Calvard. It is now the largest nation, both geographically and by population. To accommodate for this, the Imperial government hastened its efforts to centralize power by unifying tax laws. Inversely, the regions formerly ruled by the nobles were severely weakened and disorganized, causing more potential problems. During these turbulent times, the secret society, Ouroboros—whose behind-the-scenes machinations were stolen from them at the end of the civil war—began putting their plans into motion. Plans that involved both jaegers and Calvard. Around the same time, a certain man arrives in a small town a few miles away from the capital. The town of Leeves. This man is the Ashen Chevalier—Rean Schwarzer. He is a young hero who played a pivotal role in the civil war, the Crossbell battlefront, and the Northern War as the pilot of the Ashen Knight, Valimar. He has just graduated from Thors Military Academy a few months before, and has taken the post of an instructor at a newly established academy. Thors Military Academy's branch campus. Unlike the main campus, which was re-established as a full-scale military academy following the enrollment of the crown prince, the branch campus is a school attended by misfits and castoffs such as foreigners, troublemakers, and politically problematic nobles. The position of principal was filled by Aurelia, the Golden Rakshasa—the former general of the defeated Noble Alliance. The school's students are split into three different classes. Amongst them, Class VII: Special Operations is the smallest class. Its homeroom teacher is none other than Rean Schwarzer.


The Erebonian Empire

A large militaristic nation located in the western part of Zemuria.

Class tensions sparked a civil war between nobles who fought for tradition and the newly established reformists. The civil war ended with the leader of the nobles arrested and the Noble Alliance disbanded.

After the civil war, the leader of the reformists, Giliath Osborne, led the expansion of Erebonia's borders by invading the independent states of Crossbell and North Ambria.

The Province of Crossbell (formerly Crossbell State)

A large trade city located between the Erebonian Empire and the Republic of Calvard.

A year ago, it was forcibly annexed by Erebonia and is now under the supervision of an imperial-born governor general.

Lately, Crossbell's economy has been recovering and it's on its way to reclaiming its place as the center of trade and commerce. However, tensions are still high, and rumors of resistance and opposition run amok.

Thors Military Academy's branch campus

With Thors Military Academy becoming a bona fide military school for the Imperial Army, a new branch campus was established in the western part of the empire.

This school plays host to foreigners, troublemakers, and politically problematic nobles as its students. Meanwhile, the faculty includes the Golden Rakshasa, a prestigious orbal scientist, and of course, the young hero, Rean Schwarzer. This ragtag collection of unusual characters garners the nation's attention, for better or worse.

The main campus hosts classes I through VI while the branch campus teaches 3 classes: Class VIII: Combat Tactics, Class IX: Military Finance, and the understaffed Class VII: Special Operations.

Class VII: Special Operations

The homeroom class Rean teaches at Thors Military Academy's branch campus.

This class is responsible for carrying out numerous small-scale, squad-based missions. As such, it has only three members: Juna Crawford, Kurt Vander, and Altina Orion.

Some suspect this new Class VII was created for some unknown purpose, too—a different purpose than the Class VII Rean was part of.

Einhel Keep

A massive training facility built under orders of Professor G. Schmidt after he was appointed Special Advisor of Thors' branch campus.

Thanks to a complicated array of orbal mechanisms, the interior can be transformed and customized in any number of ways. It functions as a combat training and weapons testing facility for the branch campus students.


A secretive organization that executes missions all across Zemuria for the sake of its mysterious "Phantasmal Blaze Plan."

The group is led by a mysterious individual known only as the "Grandmaster." Below them are the seven Anguis—the highest-ranked officers—and the Enforcers—their agents.

They reinstated their efforts to reclaim the "Phantasmal Blaze Plan" from Chancellor Giliath Osborne, who seized it from them during the Erebonian Civil War a year and a half prior.

St. Astraia Girls' School

A prestigious school for girls located in the Sankt District in Heimdallr.

Emperor Eugent III's daughter, Princess Alfin, attends St. Astraia. Its current student council president is the daughter of Baron Schwarzer, Elise Schwarzer.

As a result of the rise in government sanctions against nobles, some students of noble blood were forced to withdraw due to financial obstacles.


A beautiful, specially constructed, military-grade armored freight train passed onto the Thors branch campus by the Railway Military Police.

The Derfflinger consists of six impenetrable train cars: the orbal-powered engine, the briefing and guest space in the second car, the dining hall and lounge in the third, student cabins in the fourth, and freight compartments for storing several Panzer Soldats in the fifth and sixth cars.

When used by the branch campus for their field exercises, it is parked away from populated areas. Once it reaches the designated area, the members of the branch campus begin setting up their base camp.


The Suburban Town of Leeves

The Suburban Town of Leeves

A scenic rural town located to the west of Heimdallr.

Once owned by a minor noble family, the town has since become the property of the Imperial family.

Though the town itself didn't see much damage as a result of the civil war, some of the residents lost loved ones in the fighting. As such, they have mixed feelings about the establishment of a military academy in their town.

However, there are some of them who welcome the branch campus with open arms, and others who came to the town to open up shops.

Summary of Trails of Cold Steel I & II

New to the Trails of Cold Steel series? Fear not! Included here is a complete summary of the events of Trails of Cold Steel I and Trails of Cold Steel II.

The year is 1204 of the Septian calendar. A young man named Rean Schwarzer heads to his first day at Thors Military Academy—the most prestigious academy in the Erebonian Empire. Together with his new classmates in Class VII, he'll forge unbreakable bonds, face overwhelming odds, and find his place in the world.

英雄伝説 閃の軌跡 英雄伝説 閃の軌跡Ⅱ