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Alfin Reise Arnor
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Alfin Reise Arnor

The daughter of the emperor of Erebonia, and Cedric's twin sister. Her angelic appearance and sweet demeanor make her beloved by the people of Erebonia.

Just like her half-brother, Olivert, she can be a bit mischievous at times, and especially enjoys teasing her best friend, Elise.

During the civil war, she was kidnapped by the Noble Alliance, but was rescued by Rean. After that, she worked to bring a swift end to the war as the political backer behind Class VII's actions aboard the Courageous.

Though she returned to her school life at St. Astraia after the war, she was still filled with unease over the government's treatment of Olivert and the Vander family, as well as the startling change in personality of her twin brother, Cedric.