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Battle Orbment: ARCUS IIThe next generation of combat is here!


In battle, members of your party will make use of the ARCUS II—the latest model of a line of state-of-the-art battle orbments.

By placing quartz in the slots of a character's ARCUS II, you can boost their stats, give them access to magical Arts, and more.


Orbal Arts are powerful skills that cost EP (Energy Points) to cast.

Arts can have a number of different types, effects, and ranges. They can be offensive, recovery, or support abilities with ranges as narrow as a single target to as wide as the entire battlefield.

Arts can be one of seven elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Time, Mirage, and Space. Enemies have varying strengths and weaknesses to each of these elements. Targeting an enemy with an elemental Art that it's weak to will not only allow you to deal more damage, but it will also reduce the enemy's Break Gauge faster.

Gravion Hammer

Earth Element Art

Awakens the energy slumbering in the earth below, causing a ruinous quake. Greatly slows all enemies on the battlefield for one turn.

Diamond Nova

Water Element Art

Bombards enemies with spears of ice frozen to absolute zero. Hits a wide range of enemies and has a high chance to freeze them.

Zeruel Cannon

Fire Element Art

Incinerates enemies with beams of fire and finishes with a burning eruption. Targets that survive are inflicted with Burn, dealing additional damage over time.

Ixion Volt

Wind Element Art

Covers the battlefield with a jet-black storm cloud, releasing a torrent of lightning on a group of enemies. Has a high chance to inflict Seal.

Lost Genesis

Time Element Art

Rips open a black hole that can draw in and destroy time itself. Delays its targets' turns and has a high chance of instantly killing them.

Seventh Caliber

Space Element Art

Summons seven holy blades that pierce the wicked and reduce the battlefield to nothing. Inflicts its targets with a random status ailment.

Albion Wolf

Mirage Element Art

Conjures a silvery image of a wolf that blasts its prey with a shock wave from beyond time and space. One of the most powerful arts, it deals tremendous damage to all enemies.


There are many different types of quartz, each granting a different effect, ability, or Art.

Quartz are grouped into one of three categories depending on how powerful they are: Normal, Rare, and S-Rare.

Master Quartz

In addition to normal quartz, there are also Master Quartz: special gems that level up along with their users.

Master Quartz gain experience after a battle as long as they're set in a battle orbment. As they level up, the bonus stats and special abilities they grant improve and they provide their user with additional Arts.

Equip 2 Master Quartz

One of the most significant new features of the ARCUS II is that it can now hold a second Master Quartz.

With the main Master Quartz slot and the Sub Master Quartz slot, you have even more freedom to customize your party as you see fit.

In addition, since both of the equipped Master Quartz will gain experience, you can use this to quickly level up many different Master Quartz.

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